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Drinking Water Quality

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Water quality in your area

Everyday we analyse hundreds of samples to ensure that the quality of your drinking water meets stringent national and European standard. Over half a million measurements of water quality were made at water treatment works, service reservoir, supply points and at customer's taps, with 94% of water tests at customer’s taps meeting the requisite standards for drinking water quality.

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To ensure water produced and distributed is of the highest quality we operate a quality system for drinking water which is registered by the British Standards Institute and meets the requirements of ISO 9002.

The scope of the registration covers collection, abstraction, transfer, treatment, storage, distribution and sampling of drinking water. Where a company fails to meet the required standard the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) can take ‘enforcement action’ obliging the company to undertake remedial work or other action to address the problem.

The average age of Welsh Water’s pipes is about 50 years, although some pipes are over 100 years old. The current condition of our water pipe network can affect water quality at the tap, especially colour, as well as the level of leakage, pressure and the number of bursts.

Water Health Partnership for Wales

This initiative brings together relevant agencies to agree how to work together more effectively to protect public health, including the DWI, Welsh Assembly Government, local authority public and environmental health, the Consumer Council for Wales, and the National Public Health Service Wales. Click here to find out details about the agencies involved.