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Welsh Water set to start on £2.5 million investment in Barry


Welsh Water’s £2.5 million upgrade to the wastewater system in Nant Talwg, Barry is due to start in April 2019. The work will help to protect the environment in the area for many years to come.

The company plans to install a brand new pipe from Nant Talwg pumping station across private land to the rear of the Cwm Cidi housing estate, before connecting in to the existing network on Glamorgan Street Barry.

Around a kilometre of wastewater pipe - which has reached the end of its operational life – is due to be replaced by the not for profit water company. It is anticipated that the work will be completed towards the end of August 2019.

Work has already been undertaken to remove some trees to clear a path through the area for the new pipes. This work was closely monitored by an ecologist to ensure minimal impact on the local environment. The company intends to replace any trees removed with the same, or similar, species to ensure no long-term impact. This section of work was timed to be carried out outside of the nesting period. The company will continue to closely monitor the situation after the work to lay the new pipes begins, to safeguard local wildlife and the environment throughout the project.

Welsh Water’s Sub - Programme Manager, Teresa O’Neill said: “As part of our £2.5 million upgrade of the wastewater treatment system in Nant Talwg, we have made protection of the surrounding environment a central and overriding priority throughout the planning of the work.

“To ensure this, we have liaised with the council and Porthkerry Country Park about our plans to make sure they were comfortable with how we would carry out this work, and commissioned ecologists to survey the area to ensure our work would have minimal impact on the local environment and complies with strict environmental guidelines.

“While the work does mean we have had to remove some trees at the site to ensure the pipes would not be disturbed by roots in future –any trees removed will be replaced by the same, or similar, species to ensure no long-term impact. We will be replanting in the autumn 2019 as this is the optimum planting time.

“We are absolutely committed to ensuring we provide an effective wastewater system which gives customers a first class service and protects our valuable environment. Our work at Nant Talwg reflects our commitment to re-invest profits for the benefit of customers and the environment.

“We appreciate that this kind of work can cause some inconvenience but we will do all we can to keep this to a minimum and would like to thank people for bearing with us whilst we undertake these essential works.”