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Get Involved

If you see pollution of a watercourse from our pipes or other equipment then please ‘phone our hotline immediately. And if you think there could be a future problem, let us know.  Tell us by sending an email to

Please give us as much information as you can, as well as your contact details. We’ll investigate and take any action that’s needed. And if you choose, we’ll keep you updated.

Get a pollution contact card

You can support the campaign by carrying the Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water sewage pollution card. Then, if you spot a problem – for example while walking, angling or kayaking – you’ll have our contact information handy. If you’d like to have one or more cards, please email us at:

Hook it, Pin it, Clip it

Stick it somewhere close to hand

See it, Report it, Stop it


Involving the community

If you’re involved in community activities and would like information on sewage pollution, or perhaps our advice on a community project please email us with your request and contact details. A member of our pollution team will be in touch. Email:

Living & learning with water

Would you like your children to know more about the vital role water plays in our everyday lives? We've a wealth of interesting information and resources, all linked to the national curriculum. They’ve been developed with educational experts to stimulate and educate Key Stage 2 pupils. More information can be seen by clicking here.

See it, Report it, Stop it

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