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Sewer Blockages - What you can do?

If you are able to, lift any lightweight Inspection Chamber covers, but only those on your property. Check if the underground pipe work is clear and water is free flowing. Inspection Chamber covers can usually be found close to the house, in a driveway or in the garden.

If the underground pipe work is clear then the problem is probably on your private sewage pipe (known as a drain) and it will be your responsibility to remove the blockage. You can call a plumber or a private contractor to fix this for you. The costs of fixing any faults on this pipework will be yours or your home insurers.

Check any house or buildings insurance policies you hold first, as you might be covered for the cost of clearing blockages.

If more than one property is affected, there is flooding outside the boundary of your property (e.g. in the road), or you know that sewer pipes on your property take sewage from more than one household, then the problem may be on the public sewer network. If so this is our responsibility, please call us on 0800 085 3968