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My Water Frequently Asked Questions

Will my water be off for the whole duration you have advised?

Unfortunately we cannot advise in advance if your water supply will be affected for the entire duration, or for short interruptions, during the planned time. We advise storing enough water to last you for the entire duration as this could be the length of time your water will be off.

How long can I store water for

We recommend not drinking, or using in food preparation, water that has been stored for more than 24 hours.

Why do I have discoloured water?

The colour of your tap water may be affected briefly by the work we are carrying out – tiny particles of sediment in the water mains may be disturbed causing the water to have a slightly brown appearance. Please don't be concerned, just run a cold water tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear. Also avoid washing clothes until the water is clear to avoid any staining.

Will I need to boil the water when the water supply comes back on?

Sometimes we will advise you to boil the water after a planned interruption. If you have not been advised to do this, then it is not necessary. If we have asked you to boil your water it is just an added precaution to make sure that your water is safe to use for drinking and in food preparation.

Will my water be safe to drink when the supply is restored?

Yes, we follow very strict procedures during mains refurbishment work to make sure your water supply remains safe to drink. If we have had to issue you with an "advice to boil" leaflet then this is a precautionary measure only to make sure the water is safe to drink.

Will my water taste different?

You may notice a slight, temporary change in the taste and hardness of your water because of the work we are doing– please be reassured that your water remains safe to drink.

Can I have bottled water?

We have given you prior warning of the work we plan to do, and the times it is likely to affect you, we do this so that you can store enough water for your needs during the interruption. So, we do not provide bottled water in these circumstances i.e. a planned interruption to your supply. However, bottled water is provided should there be an unplanned interruption (for example: if a mains water pipe burst) when we give priority to vulnerable customers like babies and customers who have applied for Priority Services.

Will I be reimbursed, or be entitled to compensation, for having my supply cut off?

As we have given you notice of 48 hours (or more), we will not reimburse your bill, or pay compensation.

I run a business that uses water, how will this affect me?

We recommend that you invest in a back up water storage tank to ensure you are able to cope with planned, or emergency, interruptions to your water supply. A plumbing merchant should be able to advise you on tank size, design etc. for storing water for drinking or food preparation purposes.

Will my fish tanks / ponds be affected?

We advise that if you have ornamental fish tanks or ponds, do not change the water. Afterwards, please make sure you check your water quality before changing the water in the fish tank.

Can I use my hot water?

If you have a combination (combi) boiler, we recommend that you do not use the hot water until the cold water is back to running as normal.  If you have a hot water storage tank, we would recommend you are careful not to drain the tank until empty.

We do not recommend that you use this stored hot water for drinking or in food preparation.

Will my water softener be affected?

No, provided it is isolated whilst we carry out the work affecting your water supply.

What other household appliances may be affected

Please avoid using washing machines, dishwashers, showers, instantaneous hot water, ice making machines or vending machines until your supply has been fully restored.

Do’s and Dont’s

DO remember to fill suitable, clean containers with water for you to use whilst your supply is turned off.
DO make sure that taps are turned off to avoid flooding.
DO remember to run the cold water tap for a few minutes to clear any discoloured water or odour.
DO NOT turn off any stop-taps whist your supply is off.
DO NOT drain the hot water tank or cylinder.
DO NOT forget your neighbours who maybe old or disabled – they may need your help.

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